About Us



About Us


LDM was established in Durban in 1984. After numerous successful years  in business, LDM is widely regarded as one of the foremost Built Environment consultancy firms with an established solid track record in South Africa.

The company is represented nationally and internationally in association with various industry partners.

Our value proposition to Clients is the proactive formulation of total quality solutions underpinned by the guarantee of knowledge, research experience and professionalism.

Our reputation is built on a fundamental business philosophy of Adding Value… Beyond Measure… This approach reinforces an attribute which enhances our ability to work together with Clients, small or big, to build the future.

The strength of our practice lies in our ability to provide Clients with a customized service across a broad spectrum of projects; public and private sectors, urban and rural, small and large.

We have progressed and developed our services to satisfy a broad variety of Client and Community needs and to provide a practical solution that is individually tailored for each project.

Our approach is always to be a positive and creative, rather than simply reactive, which enforces our commitment to the formulation of total quality solutions to a client’s needs. We are a preferred service provider based on the quality of our use (rather than supply) of information and providing an overall service that is superior, competitive and value adding.

A High Standard Without Standard Solutions!


“An organisation’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage.” – Jack Welch