At LDM, precision is critical to the lifespan of anything we do within our sector of expertise.


The Built Environment is our livelihood, so our track record speaks for itself.


Quality solutions underpinned by the guarantee of knowledge, research, experience and professionalism.


Adding Value... Beyond Measure...

Measurement is integral to our profession and without it we cannot exist. Measurement means precision…..precision in thought, detail and execution.

LDM’s primary objective is to provide the highest possible standard of professional services and advice on all aspects of construction, from project inception and feasibility to design development, procurement, construction, final commissioning and occupation.


We, at LDM, are proud to have within our ranks individuals who measure both themselves and the skilled work they execute by the very highest of standards.

Our range of services now include quantity surveying, project management, consulting, property services, energy management, facilities management and capacity development and training as part of our value adding approach.

Our commitment to Adding Value… Beyond Measure… remains unchanged.

LDM Vision

Adding Value...
Beyond Measure...


LDM Mission

To offer professional services with excellence and maintain a progressive attitude towards the development of pro-active and innovative project procedures that will lead to greater benefits to our client’s, the community and the economy.