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corporate social investment

The LDM Group is one of the leading Built Environment consultancies in South Africa. The group's operations are located throughout the country. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) today is considered an essential part of doing business.

Companies are required to give back to the communities to contribute to various facets of community development. There is now a global thrust to embrace corporate citizenship and sustainable business practices. King Ill Report emphasises that social reporting is critical to corporate citizenship as well as corporate governance.

LDM has embraced a credible methodology to measure the true impact of CSR on the company's standing as a good corporate citizen independently and objectively. Throughout the years the Company has contributed significantly to various social development initiatives.


The purpose of this policy is to formalise the CSR activities at LDM in line with the company's strategic intent, and relevant legislation including the Charter. LDM is committed to being a responsible corporate citizen having clear corporate values, recognising the interest of the others and communities, being transparent and following best corporate governance practises. The Company take a broader view of its role in the society and therefore realises the importance of socio-economic development, ethics, safety, health and environmental management.


Education is important in the development of any society. LDM recognizes the critical role that education plays in the transformation of South Africa as the country participates and become increasingly competitive in the global economy. LDM contributes to education in the areas of construction related services in line with the nature of our business.
The Company also identifies good causes to support in areas that involve building and supporting education systems and processes in South Africa including infrastructure. Examples of this include schools, libraries and laboratories; and education materials like books, and science kits. Investment opportunities in education are identified for the benefit of children of all ages at every level of school and tertiary learning institutions. The objective is to educate society for a better tomorrow.

Socio-economic development

LDM has been involved in the area of socio-economic development throughout its stages of growth. Some of the areas that the Company continues to invest in include health promotion, job creation, the eradication of poverty, and focus on community safety. In the area of socio-economic development LDM partners with other organizations to identify areas of need and for support in line with the Integrated Development Plans (IDP's) in line with the Charters. The Company also partners with other stakeholders including non-governmental organizations and relevant South African organizations like the Chamber of Businesses. LDM also recognises the importance of partnership with all spheres of government.

Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment and Enterprise Development

LDM contributes to the development of the small and emerging businesses. In South Africa, we focus on Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) support and businesses that produce goods and services that may be used by LDM business operations. LDM also supports beneficiation initiatives.

Arts, culture, sports and recreation

Arts, culture, sports and recreation is part of the soul and history of the nation, LDM recognize this and continues to invest in area. The Company seeks partnerships with various organizations that are involved in this area to identify opportunities for investment for the benefit of communities and the country.

Other areas

The Company actively identifies areas for involvement and funding, depending on the nature of the needs identified and benefit to society, especially impoverished communities. Consideration is given to projects that are linked to meeting or exceeding the requirements of the Charters and relevant legislation in South Africa.

Some of the beneficiaries include:

• Phoenix Community Centre
• Aryan Benevolent Home Council
• COSATU (Kwazulu-Natal Region)
• Durban Housing Action Committee (DHAC)
• Tamil Federation of SA
• Maputaland Development Organisation (MDO)
• Blind and Deaf Society
• Into the Light Foundation
• National Sports Council (NSC)
• National Union of Leather Workers
• South African National Civic Organisation (SANCO)
• Ramakrishna Centre of South Africa
• David Landau Community Centre
• Durban Metro Chess Academy
• Muscular Dystrophy Association
• West Park School for the Deaf
• Abalindi Children's Home

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